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Years of 3D Visualisation

How we Work

Project Information

What we need from you! An initial Project brief would be required, including any drawings or reference images. These can include hand sketches of your proposed project. We also require a number of 3D renderings and/or duration times of 3D visualisation. Once received, we will send you a quotation complete with project delivery times.  

Model Confirmation

Once you are happy with all the information, we will send you the chalk white architectural rendering for your model. If you’re happy with this, it’s time to proceed to the next stage.

Pre Final image

We will send you a draft image with all the applied textures etc. For the architectural visualisation we will forward a screen shot of the walkthrough path as a low res 3D image taken from every 50th frame.

Final image

When you are satisfied with work we've done, we will issue you with a final high res. 3D rendered model or animation in your requested format.

3D Architectural Visualisation, Rendering, Modelling & CGI

For client presentation, planning applications, project bidding & marketing

What is 3D Architectural Visualisation / CGI?

The modern world of architecture is a combination of traditional skills and modern developments meaning that when it comes to showing off a project, the very best way to do this is using 3D images and animation.To show off your designs to your customers in the perfect way you can make use of our 3D architectural visualisation service and use our expertise and experience to create the ideal 3D images.

Architectural Visualisation & Plan 3D Rendering

The best way to show what a project will look like when finished is to have a high quality 3d architectural rendering completed. This allows you and your customers to see exactly what the end result of the project will appear as, placed in a realistic landscape. It also allows easy alterations to the plan when something doesn't work as originally envisioned and can stop many problems at the development stage, long before a single building material is touched. Plan rendering is an important aspect of this type of service, with virtual room design being one of the most commonly used tools for both designers and architects. By making a plan of the room at the stages of development, potential problems can be spotted and resolved before a brick is laid. Not only that but the quality of the 3d architectural plan rendering services we offer are so high, it can be as if you are viewing your project on the cinema screen.

3D modelling and animation walkthroughs

3D modelling is a crucial part of architectural visualisation and not only does it now allow people to see how a building will look in its landscape but even to visualise a range of products. Everything from a new style of furniture to an office block can be effectively made into a 3D model. We can also assist with the visualisation of the landscaping of the site, to ensure it looks the part alongside the building you are creating. We also offer the option to use the new technique of photomontage. This is where images of a particularly location are combined with the 3D modelling to see how the overall effect works. Want to know if the houses you have envisioned look right on the plot of land you have purchased? Then this combining of technologies allow you to glimpse what the end result with look like using the real images from the location. We can even incorporate a 360-degree Panorama to this feature so that you can see not only how the location looks with the project, but also how it fits in with all the nearby features, from other buildings to natural features.

Interior visualisation

As well as creating an accurate representation of what the exterior of the building will look like, we can also create an Interior Visualisation presentation. Whether this is to allow you to ensure what you plan looks right in the real world or as a tool to show off your creation to others, these 360-degree views allow the greatest level of details to be examined. Down to books on a bookshelf, these presentations are just like being in the room, without the work of making the room first.

AANTZZ, London - Your 3D Architectural Visualisation Specialists

AANTZZ specialise in producing high-quality 3d architectural rendering, 3d interior visualisation and 3d architectural visualisation. Over seven years, we have been creating architectural CGI for Architects, Interior Designers, Developers, Marketing agency, Estate agents, Planners and for clients. Our team combines artistic blend and disciplined work ethics to breathe life into your thoughts through 3d rendering and architectural visualisation. Your ideas combined with our visualiser can create perfect 3d images at efficient cost that can convince your audience in very little time. Since we have an architectural background, we are very comfortable in reading your drawings or co-ordinating with your designers.


Why Hire Us ?

Quick Turn Around

We completely understand the value of time in construction industry. We are happy to work on tight deadlines, without compromising the quality of 3d image / 3d Animation.

Outstanding Quality

Quality of the 3D images or 3D animation is a key aspect which can sell your unbuilt projects.

Efficient Communication

As we are from architectural background we are very familiar with the architectural term and reading architectural drawing and sketches

Experience expertise

We have good experience and expertise to deliver quality 3 images , that could enhance your projects.